Monday, Thursday and Saturday

These classes are segmented into 4 different sections according to age and level. Designed for children who want to start dancing from a young age which produces self-confidence, poise, balance, agility and much more...


Ballet & Creative Dance IV (Ages 5-7)

At this level work à la barre will be introduced. Formations, partner dances and simple choreographies as well as advanced ballet steps/terminology and acrobatics (cartwheels, handstands...) will be added to train their bodies, body awareness, spatial awareness and grow their self-confidence as well as train their ear for music, flexibility, strength and balance.

Ballet & Creative Dance III (Ages 3.5-5)

Ballet basics and steps, terminology, structure of a ballet class, time signatures, improvising, combination of ballet fundamentals and creative movement with ballet/fairy-tale music, stories, costumes/props. New stretching exercises and early acrobatics (bridges etc.) to develop poise, grace, balance, agility and confidence.

Ballet & Creative Dance II (Ages 2 -3.5)

Simple and playful but very effective warm ups and exercises on the floor (in the centre and across the floor), discipline, social skills, spatial awareness, basic ballet skills, body awareness, introduction to tumbling (somersaults, rolls, jumps, etc.) and miming and movement to music/creative movement are taught, practiced and developed in a supportive and supervised environment.

Ballet & Creative Dance I (Ages 2 -3.5)

This class is designed for children who want to dance but are not quite old enough to join a ballet class. Games, stories, imagination and music are used to teach balance, co-ordination, rhythm, movement, basic ballet steps as well as miming and expressing through the body as well as gross-motor skills (skipping, galloping, jumps etc.)